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In mechanical production, the grinding shop is often the department with the most dirt and the most worn machines. But also the one with the highest quality requirements! A few thousandths of a millimeter/inch tolerance and high roundness and surface requirements are the norm. It is not uncommon for the operators to perform real tricks in order to be able to meet the required tolerances.
There is no official vocational training for the centerless grinder operator and when done a training as a machine operator for grinding technology, centerless grinding is usually only touched on a little.
In production, therefore, work is mostly done with traditional knowledge from mostly older employees, who in turn have also traditionaly received their knowledge. This traditional knowledge is then mixed with own trial and error experiences and the respective requirements of production.
It is not uncommon that this results in machine misadjustments and gaps in knowledge being used daily for decades and costing the company a lot of money, time and nerves.
The solution is further education! And the right operator training on site on the machine with workpieces from our own production ...

We coordinate the employee training with you. Depending on your needs, it includes:

Provide sufficient knowledge in the grinding department!

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